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Device: KeyMander 2

K2 App update V1.1.103

We recently released an update to the K2 App, so if you have not already done so please update your app! It is a minor update but here's what's included:

K2 App V1.1.103.

Game Center

-Adjusted the Game Center Layout , Added information column on the top with direct access to the User Forum and Setup Videos

-Improved the profile download path and shows required in-game setting after pressing download 

Device Page

-Improved Device UI page to allow easier editing

-Added notification for K2 App updates

Profile Edit

-ADS Delay time adjustment editable from 0 to 999ms

12/04/2020 2:33 PM

What does “Ads delay time” do

03/07/2022 11:28 PM

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What does “Ads delay time” do

When you press the button for ADS (Aim Down Sight) some games have a delay before the ADS function actually engages, so if you are in a gun fight you don't want the ADS settings to engage (if they are dramatically different) until the ADS mode actually engages. This way if you were hip firing on a moving target and went to ADS while trying to track the target, your hipfire setting would still track at the higher speed (usually people have ADS set to a slower speed for accuracy) until actually ADS engages.

03/08/2022 10:49 AM

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