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Device: KeyMander 2

Firmware Release

Hello Everyone,

We have just released a new firmware update OTA. The newly updated app to go with this firmware is still pending review through the App Store/Play Store and should be going live shortly.

*We are now seeing it as LIVE on both platforms as of 9/18. It may take an hour or so to be downloadable for some, but should now be available for all!

The new app will allow you to fully configure the newly implemented anti-recoil system!

As you all know, we have been working on trying to get around the Rainbow Six Siege "Mouse Trap". We have changed the look engine for the K2 as an attempt to help with this but is not a guaranteed fix. Analog keyboards are still recommended.

  • For those who are not playing Rainbow Six Siege and do not like the new aim engine, you can downgrade with a PC using the previous firmwares v1.3.122 or v1.2.116. You will still be able to utilize the new anti-recoil system.

Cronus Zen compatibility has officially been added.

  • Installation is rather simple. All you'd be doing is connecting the K2's hardwired USB cable (the one that would normally connect to your console) to the Zen's controller port on the left side. This is the only thing needed to be connected to the Zen. The Zen is what will be connected to the console FIRST. We highly recommend using the power port on the K2 for additional power.

Reported Bugs:

  • Turbo Mode (recommended repeat interval to avoid skipping is 100 ms)
  • Anti-recoil seems to be getting disabled for some users when mouse tracking. (This is currently being investigated).
  • Some users seem to be getting a sticky key issue. We would recommend trying to swap the keyboard into the mouse port and mouse into keyboard port. If this does not work, please downgrade (link above) until we get this corrected.

09/15/2023 10:54 AM

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