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Device: KeyMander 2

Rainbow Six Siege " Mouse Trap"

Hello Everyone,

Our team is aware of the newly implemented "Mouse Trap" this season. This is currently being looked into by our engineering team as it was just released 4/12/2023. We understand that this is making the game unplayable for most and are making sure we find a solution ASAP. The fix/workaround is currently under development and is a priority. It will be released as an over-the-air firmware update through the Keymander 2 app.


We have finished creating a beta version of the new firmware and are now sending a few out to some users for beta testing before the update goes live. If all tests are successful, the update should be available for all very soon!


Majority of the testing seem to be positive at this time. However, we have had a few testers reporting to be detected after 10+ matches while others have not been detected at all. We are still collecting this data and seeing how to improve the test version before full release. At this time, we do expect to create a few different versions of this workaround until we can perfect it as much as possible. If you would like to give the current test version a try and have a Windows PC, you can download it HERE (THIS NO LONGER WORKS).


There has been an increase in detection reports and our team has been made aware of it. As of now, our team will be further investigating to see what else can be done to help prevent detection.


Our team has just started rolling out some test versions for a new firmware with a select few testers. However, this involves disabling a few key features unfortunately. We expect to be testing out a few more versions within the next few weeks to avoid having to disable these key features/settings. Public version for all to try will be released when we believe it is stable and ready for all to use.


Our team is still actively trying to develop a workaround without the need to get analog input devices or making drastic changes that will affect one's playing preference, but it has proven to be quite challenging without change in hardware of the K2. This is something we are still experimenting with and envision it coming in the near future. We understand that this Mouse Trap has been affecting the K2 since its release, but the mouse trap is constantly releasing soft patches to help keep up. At any rate, as soon as we have a workaround (software wise), it will be publicly announced and given out for all to try. We thank you for your patience and will keep you all posted.

Thank You.

04/12/2023 4:04 PM

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