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Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile

K2 Mobile not connecting to Mobile App

Purchased a standard keymander for my switch and was able to get that to work and sync to my phone.

With my newly purchased K2 mobile I tried using a Xbox one controller first and couldn't get it to work.

Went and bought a ps4 v2 controller and was able to get the adapter to work in game but I cannot get the adapter to sync to the mobile app to change settings.

I have tried doing alt f2 to start Bluetooth and alt f12 to factory reset it still has not shown up in the app when I press connect.

I have the device on a 2.1a 5v wall wort.

Is my device faulty?

06/17/2022 9:36 PM

I have permissions set and have tried using the app on different devices. I am able to see the adapter show up in availble Bluetooth devices but cannot sync to it unless I use the app which the app does not see the adapter even though it has allowed permissions

06/17/2022 9:38 PM

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