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Device: KeyMander 2

firm upgrade k2 bc

No HID device attached to the USB port (code: 4183)

thats all that will come up when trying to upgrade firm on pc and i cant use my phone atm bc of what i need to do with my k2 anyone know why

04/20/2022 8:28 PM


This is usually caused due to not being in firmware upgrade mode properly.

To enter firmware upgrade mode, you need to press and hold both buttons on top of the K2 before plugging in to PC and let go of the buttons about 3 seconds after it is plugged into your PC. Once you see or hear your PC see a device being plugged in, open the utility and it should find the K2.

04/21/2022 9:35 AM

Your PC is not seeing the K2 connected to the USB port. It is likely because as J mentioned above that the K2 is not is firmware upgrade mode.

04/21/2022 4:29 PM

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